To Whom It May Concern:


We, Oil Company «NAT-ART» LLC, Russia, represented by Mr. Gleb Ivanchenko, acting as Chief Executive Officer (CEO), hereby place this Soft Corporate Offer (SCO), that we are ready to sell the next product in accordance with the rules of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), Incoterms (Edition 2010), under the conditions described below.

Delivery of oil products is made on the terms of CIF or FOB.

Are ready to offer a monthly contract (SPOT) with prolongation for a year of the following oil products and volumes:

  1. OIL;
  2. FUEL OIL M100;
  3. EN 590;
  4. D2;
  5. Aviation kerosene, A1 and JP54
  6. LNG;
  7. LPG.

For all new declared buyers, shipment starts with trial lots for any Goods.

The procedure for CIF or FOB is sent to the buyer or its authorized representative after the direction of LOI.

The documents are issued in the name Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Oil Company «NAT-ART» LLC Mr. Gleb Ivanchenko.

Valid: till 31 December 2020


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