Business Security

"Oil Company "NAT-ART" LLC warns against transactions with the unfair participants of the market distributing through the Internet, various forums, trading platforms and by e-mail fictitious commercial offers on sale of oil products allegedly on behalf of "Oil Company "NAT-ART" LLC or the companies affiliated with it.

Please keep in mind that "Oil Company "NAT-ART" LLC conducts electronic business correspondence only from the corporate server and does not use free e-mail services.

"Oil Company "NAT-ART" LLC has no affiliated or affiliated companies and does not provide guarantees of delivery of goods in absentia by means of the Internet and e-mail.

In connection with the appearance on the Internet of a large number of ads from persons who are represented by managers or other employees of "Oil Company "NAT-ART" LLC and offer products from "Oil Company "NAT-ART" LLC and require agents and potential buyers or offer agents and potential buyers to send applications not to corporate e-mail (corporate e-mails for receiving any documentation and information posted on the domain:, warning: to prevent possible material damage and loss of personal data, do not send documents and information to non-corporate e-mails.

"Oil Company "NAT-ART" LLC reserves the right to take measures of legal influence for suppression of fraudulent actions of unfair participants of the market.

"Oil Company "NAT-ART" LLC warns you about attempts to use his name and the names of officials for fraudulent purposes.

Also in the Internet since 2018 there are fictitious sites created for the purpose of conducting fraudulent activities, which position themselves as information resources of "Oil Company "NAT-ART" LLC and/or use content borrowed from the official website of "Oil Company "NAT-ART" LLC.

"Oil Company "NAT-ART" LLC is not responsible for the possible risks associated with the use of any information published on these sites.

In case of sending commercial offers to Your address from companies whose names of Internet resources are consonant with the name of "Oil Company "NAT-ART" LLC or using non-corporate mail or on behalf of a person who is represented by an employee of "Oil Company "NAT-ART" LLC, please inform us immediately by e-mail: or call: +7 911 768-24-14.

We also inform you about the need to exercise caution, and if a person is represented on behalf of "Oil Company "NAT-ART" LLC, then invite this person to fully introduce himself and send documents authorizing him to negotiate on behalf of "Oil Company "NAT-ART" LLC. To confirm the authority of the persons represented on behalf of "Oil Company "NAT-ART" LLC, perhaps by sending the documents provided to you, by e-mail: or call: +7 911 768-24-14.


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